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Akon sued for $150 million by former business partner

Akon might be "so paid" — but a former business associate claims a cut of that money belongs to him.
Devyne Stephens, a longtime music executive, is suing Akon for $150 million in alleged unpaid fees after he helped to launch the "Soul Survivor" singer's music career, TMZ reports.
In the lawsuit, the music mogul contends his contract with Akon entitles him to a portion of the income the singer received from tour rights, royalties and record sales, among other things.
Overall, he says he should've gotten a 40% cut of everything Akon has earned since 2006, according to the celebrity gossip site.
But Stephens claims in the lawsuit that he hasn't seen and of that money that was supposed to be coming to him.
Stephens was the president of Upfront Megatainment when he signed Akon to a record contract after he lost his previous deal with the Elektra label.

Akon has gone on to earn nearly $400 million in roughly a decade, according to the report.
Stephens said he and the "I'm So Paid" artist overcame a contract dispute in 2015, but claims he never got the money he's owed.



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