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Top Ten Hottest Students in Godfrey Okoye University 2017/2018

Godfrey Okoye University is known to be a very religious school, but with the number of Queens present in the School, even the religious blocks can't hold this creations (Slay Queens).

This list was compiled following the criteria's - Looks, Reputation, Dress Sense and other Socially Important Features!

Here are your Original Top Ten Slay Queens in Godfrey Okoye University currently.


Nanya is arguably the most fashionable student in school. And not only that, she has a captivating presence with a great personality, not to talk of the Bum Bum that is always on deck/bouncing when she's on the move.

2. Chika Umeh (@chika_umeh).

 Chika is a well-known Enugu girl, particularly known for her Busty features and that face you see below.

3. Anibie Basi (@anibie_basi)

 This Akwa Ibom girl got one of the most perfect bodies in School. She's very good in speaking different languages, but bedroom language is a NO NO for her.

4. CASSIE CHUKWUOBASI (@iamkasiemuobi).

She's that skinny girl every boy wants. She got class, very attractive personality and that Height.

5. TINA OKPALA (@okpalamhiztina).

Voted the Queen of the New School. Tina is that Angelina-Jolie look alike that got Nicki minaj booty. Her Height is to kill for, sorry short guys, this one pass Una.

6. YVONNE ANNIE (@yvonne_anniee)

 Annie doesn't mind who is watching, she does her own thing without looking back. If you are  looking for a smart, Classy, sexy OG, then pick up ya phone and holla at that girl now. Buzz the DM.

7. IFUNANYA EZE (@kendraeze)

This aspiring computer scientist is not just about the Books and Laptops, she's a party rider with Swag, and her body is a First Class.

8. Sugar Oby (@sugar_oby) 

This Enugu girl likes to dress. She's a fashion killer, that appears natural all the time. I guess she got no time to fake it in her world. Shopping is her hobby, incase you feel like taking her out that is a must know.

9. REBECCA ABRAHAM (@dauwter_of_abraham_)

Becca is that Nigerian/Ghanaian girl that seduces men with her hot looks. She's also a very good money chopper, so if ya feeling like Psquare anyday anytime, Becca should be your lead, call her up to chop your money.

10. Thelma Silver (@thelmasilver)

To first approach Thelma, you must first have silver, and you must the see Bar. Despite her hotness, Thelma is lowkey, and doesn't Loud too much on social media, but we still noticed her quietness and piercings in the right area,


  1. Uncle Chummy nice one... Didn't know GO uni had all these o


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